Monday, August 28, 2017

Are You Glad 2 Worship?

“I was Glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.”

Polishing the Pulpit just passed. It’s a week-long seminar in the Smoky Mountains that hosts a load of classes for every member of the family. We haven’t been able to go since my husband’s stroke, but we did go before that. It was my favorite week of the year. Why? Because we could go and study, sing and worship with thousands of Christians. There is nothing like worshiping with so many people who are faithful followers of God. Voices ringing out in song sound like a chorus of notes so beautifully blended it makes you want to cry. Praying together strengthens your soul, and hearing God’s word preached around so many remind you that you can work for God and conquer the things that might be holding you back.

What if I were to tell you that you can find the same strength and encouragement on a smaller scale? You absolutely can! When you worship with your brothers and sisters in Christ, you grow as a family. You become connected in a local work, and together you reach out to God. There is nothing more beautiful than a Christian family working together for good.

Perhaps you’ve found it hard to get into that mindset, or to find the right attitude? Well, attitude comes from the heart. If our attitudes are wrong, maybe our hearts are wrong. What do I mean? Well, ask yourself:

  • Do I study as I should?
  • Am I praying to God?
  • Do I recognize the real need for the gospel?
  • What are my priorities?

I can’t tell you that living the Christian life is necessarily an easy road, after all, Christ said it would be hard, but it is much easier when we have our attitudes right. It is easier when we truly realize that following God is the most important thing we can ever do in this life, and it is easier to have the right attitude when we place God foremost in our lives.

Are you glad when it’s time for worship? Are you anxious to see your Christian family every chance you get? If not, ask yourself why?

Today, as I’m writing this, I’m wearing a wet shirt. It’s wet because my daughter and I were putting out low water crossing signs in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  I am still wearing it because in a little bit I am going back out into the storm to work, but before I do, I have every intention of meeting with the saints at a special timed Sunday evening service. (Our regular services were canceled due to the hurricane.) Why, will I be there when I am wet, stinky and on-call for disaster relief? Because there is nothing like serving God and praising him.  Worshipping God will remind me of why I am serving my community, and give me the strength to press forward. 

To God by the glory!

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