Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Don't Love You In spite of Who You Are

This morning I read a beautiful post about loving people of all races. The author spoke about loving people not in spite of our differences, but because of our uniqueness. If we're honest we all can tell what color someone is by looking at them, but what does that mean to us? To me, it means someone looks different than me. We all look different. We are a people made up of different nationalities, and different cultures, but as Christians, we have something in common that spans beyond our unique outer appearances, and that is the blood of Christ. We are all souls wrapped in different fabulous outer shells.

When I was a child, I loved National Geographic. I would comb through its pages and devour every sentence, every picture. I wanted to know all I could about the people living in the world. People who in so many ways were so different from me. Even as a child I could see the differences between the Maori in New Zealand, and the Kayan Lahwi people in Asia. I easily recognized the differences between the Egyptians and Romans. I could even see the differences between the Britains and Americans. But, as a child, those things were just how things were. Culturally speaking, people were fascinating, and I loved them all.

I would have never looked at them and thought, I don't see you. I am blind to the fact that we are different. But, because I did see them, I saw the beautiful differences that made us unique.

I am a white woman. I am white. I am not ashamed to be white. It's the color of skin I was born with. I am descended from many different nationalities. I am Irish, Scottish, Native American, French Huguenot, and African. Thanks to DNA testing we can all see exactly from where we come. My skin color is not who or what I am. It does make me unique in the world. I am not Asian, Indian, or Polynesian, but I am a beautiful person who is a soul. One who has been bought for a price by the blood of Christ. I am one who can see our differences, and celebrate our uniqueness, and I am one that understands it is only with love and the blood of Christ we can learn to see each other for what we truly are, souls.



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