Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why You Should Be Attending Bible Class

A lot of people don't see the importance of Bible class. They feel like attending worship is enough. While there are many things wrong with this idea, I want to consider the things you're missing when you aren't there. 

If you're not attending Bible class, you aren't getting to go into the meat of the word with your brothers and sisters. You aren't spending time with your family, studying about God, and you're not showing God that you value the time that has been set aside for study.

There are many beautiful things about attending Bible class. Bible class is the opportunity to really learn from those around you. Let's face it, sometimes we need help studying. We need to hear about people's experiences, and we need encouragement. We can get all of this from studying together. Some of my favorite times in life have been sitting at the feet of well-studied men and women. There is nothing like having the word of God open before you, and studying with those who've spent their lives learning its teachings.

One thing I love about being at Bible class is that I love to study! I've always been kind of a nerd. I just love diving into God's word and contemplating it. There is something about really digging into it and seeing the great tapestry that is the Bible. Through serious study, you can see how the Old and New Testament is woven together in a way that is truly remarkable.  You can also learn how even some of the most minuscule things link to other passages, and what might seem trivial in one place is actually a huge deal in the grand scheme of things! Through study, you will learn that God's plan is both great and powerful. 

Perhaps during a study, you will see that the Bible is full of science, history, poetry, battles, amazing animals, powerful women like Deborah, and so much more! You might even be surprised. Sometimes something you study will spark a thought and suddenly you are studying something else. It might be something you'd have never even thought about if not for being at class. 

Now, here's where it's all about you. Be honest. Are you going to class? Have you really decided to become an active Christian and take part in all the things your local congregation has to offer? 

What was your answer? I hope it was yes. But, if not. Why not make a change? You can do it! Come and see what you're missing.

Studying God's word is really and ultimately all that matters in this life. If you're missing out on Bible class, you don't even know the blessings you're missing. It's time to for you to put an effort into being there. You won't be sorry!


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